The Way We Were, The History and Genealogy of the Town of Collins: Becoming a Town Volume One, Pre-Historical Through 1852


The first volume in this four-volume series presents an overview of the area comprising the town of Collins from pre-civilization through the year 1852 when present geographical town lines were finalized. The historical overview is unique in its focus on the more compelling, less known historical factors which not only lent a hand in creation of the area, but also helped to shape the pioneers who first chose this area. This volume examines the explorations of Columbus, the Puritans, and the Quakers. Each volume contains biographies and genealogies of persons who at one time lived in Collins, beginning with the great Quaker family of Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick. Southwick and Smith family genealogies begin as the first member of each family made their way into the New World and continue through present day. Unlike previous local histories; this series will contain numerous biographies and genealogies of Native American families from the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation, a large portion of which lies within the Town of Collins. This series recounts the phenomenal history of the town of Collins. Many current residents of Collins do not know that: numerous town residents played a part in the Underground Railroad, harboring escaped slaves in hidden chambers; or that Susan B. Anthony spent time in the area of Collins furthering the cause of both slaves and women; or that a hurricane devastated their town in the 1950's. A huge cemetery, the final resting place of many of the town's original pioneers lies unknown, unadorned, unattended; partially covered in woods, partially a field of corn. Photos and facsimile reprints of newspaper obituaries and news events enhance the text.

Linda and Charlie Munro

2008, 6x9, paper, 390 pp.

ISBN: 9780788447594