The Early Records of the Town of Rowley Massachusetts, 1639-1672


Being Volume One of the printed Records of the Town

The book used for recording the general affairs of the town of Rowley from 1639 to 1672 is much-worn, mutilated, and nearly illegible, with many missing leaves, so that nothing remains of record before August, 1647. The printed copy begins on page 51. Another book, containing the record of the laying out of lands and division of fences, was begun in 1643. It appears herein on the first fifty pages and thence chronologically in connection with the first named record. There is a third book, styled "Book No. 1" of the town records, into which some matters of the book have been imperfectly copied. Records therein, not found in the other two books, appear herein in proper order.These records have been carefully transcribed to follow the original words, letters, punctuation and blank spaces so that the reader has all the advantages that can be gained from the original, save the handwriting.

Benjamin P. Mighill and George B. Blodgette

(1894), c1980, paper, 272 pp.

ISBN: 9780788448973