Florida's First Families: Translated Abstracts of Pre-1821 Spanish Censuses, Volume 1


The translated and abstracted censuses presented in this work begin with 1786-the first year following the final British removal-and end with 1814, by which time the Anglo population was once again on the increase. None are complete: portions have been lost or destroyed; military personnel were omitted; and in some cases, families inhabiting outlying regions were originally missed or passed over. The following censuses are covered: the 1786 census of St. Augustine and its perimeter; the 1787 census of householders in East Florida; the 1793 census of St. Augustine and North River; the 1813 census of St. Augustine, St. John's and Fernandina; and the 1814 census outside St. Augustine. Three appendices offer readers: a table of abbreviations, a table of name conversions, and a table of untranslated terms. A full name index completes this work.

Donna Rachal Mills

(1992), 2011, 6x9, paper, index, 214 pp.

ISBN: 9780788450341