Colonel John Mann, Jr., His Kith, His Kin, His Ancestors, His Descendants, Revised Edition


This family register commences in Germany, with Hans Mann's son, George Bernard Mann (1701-1769), who journeyed to the New World in 1732, and eventually settled in Virginia. The patriarch of the Miami Valley (Ohio) Mann family was Colonel John Mann Jr. He and his brother Jacob settled in the valley in the 1790s. Today, numerous Mann descendants are scattered literally from coast to coast. The primary states of residence noted are Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Missouri, Oregon, and Washington, but some descendants settled as far south as Texas. In our country's early years there were two Mann families settled within five miles of each other in Virginia. One line was English, the other German, and painstaking effort was made to separate these two family lines. Genealogical information is grouped by Mann family heads: Hans, George Bernard, Jacob (with four generations), George Adam (with six generations), George Carl, George Cunradt, Catrina, and John Sr. (with ten generations). Entries contain (as available): date and place of birth, date and place of death, date and place of marriage, name of spouse (with genealogical data), children, residence, and varying amounts of miscellaneous data. Brief biographical sketches are included for George, John Jr., Jacob (with military documents), Isaac (with military documents), and Lewis Jackson Mann. Photographs, a "Kinship Report of Hans Mann," and a full-name index augment this work.

Timothy A. Mann

(2000), 2011, 8½x11, paper, index, 276 pp.

ISBN: 9780788451621