Abstracts from the Clarksville [Texas] Standard (formerly the Northern Standard), Volume 7: August 6, 1859-May 25, 1861


The Northern Standard, later renamed the Clarksville Standard, was a weekly newspaper first published in 1842 by Charles DeMorse in Clarksville, a small town in the northeastern corner of the Republic of Texas. The paper grew to become the second largest in circulation in Texas and DeMorse was hailed as the "Father of Texas Journalism". This volume unfolds like written frames of a documentary film, providing the details of daily small town life in Texas in the mid-1800s, set against the backdrop of a divided nation. The Standard’s articles paint a vivid portrait of the underlying culture on both a local and a national level. While Texas was prospering in 1860, the gulf between the North and the South was widening, the national political scene was in turmoil, and the War between the States approached. Both the genealogist and the student of Texas history will prize this work. For the genealogist, there is a wealth of names. For historians, this volume offers a taste of the people, events and attitudes in motion which were to shape Texas and the United States. An every name index enhances the text.

Richard B. Marrin and Lorna J. Sheppard

2010, 5½x8½, paper, index, 234 pp.

ISBN: 9780788451782