Connecticut Town Meeting Records during the American Revolution: Volume 1, Ashford-Milford


This two-volume series offers a collection of extracts from the minutes of the town meetings of the towns that existed in Connecticut during the American Revolution. Town meeting records from April 1775 through November 1783 are included, with the addition of the Committees of Inspection, Correspondence and Safety in 1774. Volume I covers Ashford to Milford; Volume II covers New Fairfield to Woodstock. All persons who were mentioned in the meeting records are included. Meeting records mentioned individuals who were elected or appointed to a town office or committee, died or moved while in office, were appointed to fill a vacant office, were warned out, applied for permission to free a slave, became a freed slave, became sufficiently poor or ill as to require financial support, owned property along a new highway, lent money to the Cause, left for or returned from military service, and more. Lists of those who took the oath of fidelity/allegiance or the freeman’s oath are included (if available). Both volumes in this series contain a parent town list, which gives the incorporation date of each town and from which town(s) each was created; a map of Connecticut towns, and a full-name index.

Jolene Roberts Mullen

2011, 6x9, paper, index, 750 pp.

ISBN: 9780788453144