Lieutenant Christopher: A Novel of the Sea [paper]


During the Revolutionary War, American privateers preyed on British shipping. One such privateer is young Matthew Christopher. Using his father’s Annapolis shipyard as a base, their ship cruises the coast of the Delaware and Chesapeake Bays. During these voyages, Matthew becomes an experienced sailor. Pursuing a career as a shipbuilder, Matthew ventures to Philadelphia to apprentice under the renowned revolutionary builder Joshua Humphreys. While building the USS Ranger, Matthew is recruited to join her first voyage in the Continental Navy and finally gets the opportunity to master the handling of the square-rigged frigates he has helped to build. When the ship is damaged during a storm at sea, Matthew is transferred to serve under the command of Captain John Paul Jones. His expertise is a welcome relief to Jones, who has been plagued by politically appointed officers unfamiliar with battle tactics at sea. Jones relies on Matthew as he executes the historic raid on Whitehaven and triumphs in battle over HMS Serapis.

Willam P. Mack

1998, paper, 320 pp.

ISBN: 9781877785375