Christopher and the Quasi War with France


In this second book in his series about the early American sailing navy, Vice Admiral William P. Mack picks up the story of the shipbuilding Christopher family where he left off at the end of Lieutenant Christopher. The Christophers are able to incorporate lessons learned from Joshua Humphrey's Philadelphia shipyard, building bigger, faster merchant ships, ready for conversion to privateers. Matthew Christopher and his crew employ the newest of these ships, the Mary, to ward off the French while trading in the Caribbean. Captain and crew are amassing great fortunes by collecting prize money, and the Christopher Shipbuilding Company is making its way out of debt - until suddenly, Matthew, his crew, and the Mary are drafted into the US Navy and forced to serve under the incompetent Commodore Ephram.

William P. Mack

2002, cloth, 212 pp.

ISBN: 9781877853654