Forward Flash-Back


Have you ever dreamed of meeting your soul-mate and growing old together? What if your soul-mate was the victim of a brutal marriage to another man? What if you both survived a shipwreck and were saved by a mysterious recluse on a strange island; an island that produced a unique fruit that could reverse aging? When you finally made your way home, would your friends and family recognize you? What if you were officially dead? Love between a man and woman is not a skill or trade to be learned like carpentry or plumbing while lust binds them together. Some would say love is a strong affection or emotion, but it’s more.I am officially a dead man. I have no identity. I am lost to genealogy. I exist as a generic being. I never realized how life would be with no family at all.A terrible event in a man’s life can make him look years older. People may be startled by the change, but they accept it. They don’t believe the opposite. You can move forward in aging, but not back.This is the story of enduring love and the struggle to regain lost identity. As the pages turn, the characters discover themselves and try to understand their own changes within and without. Dr. McGinnis takes the reader on a journey from the mid-1950s to modern times with adventures that stretch from Alabama to a mysterious island in the Pacific Ocean and a romance that defies time.


Gaston Owen McGinnis


2012, 5½x8½, paper, 142 pp.

ISBN: 9780788454028