Accomack County, Virginia Court Order Abstracts, Volume 20: 1764-1765


The twentieth volume of Accomack County, Virginia’s court orders begins with the court held on the first of February 1764 and ends less than two years later at the end of October 1765. Except for September 1764, court was held for a few days every month with at least four, and sometimes as many as eight, justices in attendance. They dealt mainly with lawsuits concerning debt, but a variety of other issues confronted them as well. The court dealt with colonists from all levels of society. The introduction spotlights the more interesting, revealing or unfortunate incidents found among the court orders issued during those years, including accounts of child abuse, domestic disputes, business debts, profanity and slander, enterprising slaves, taverns and ordinaries, taxes, and theft. “In wills and deeds the genealogist can learn about his ancestors’ relatives and possessions; in court orders he can learn about his ancestors.” This chronological collection of court orders reaches into the everyday lives of ordinary Virginians living on the Eastern Shore. A full name plus subject index adds to the value of this work, which is intended as a guide to the original court order books.

JoAnn Riley McKey

2012, 5½x8½, paper, index, 230 pp.

ISBN: 9780788454202