Tell Me Why Dear Bennett: Memoirs of Bennett College Belles, Volume III


Bennett women are women of distinction — competent, confident, cultured, and committed to social justice — women who transform the landscape of their communities and the world. As you read the third, and final, volume of Tell Me Why Dear Bennett, elements of the “Bennett Ideal” are displayed by “Belles in Motion” — “Bennett sisters whose lives reflect the Bennett traditions, mores and friendships that inspire others to want to become a Belle.” The stories on these pages are interwoven with a belief in the “Bennett Ideal.” Bennett women are committed to making this world a better place for everyone. “Our entire history reminds us that our tradition of social activism was not built on abstract ideas, but on a lived-out practice throughout the years. ...The unique thing about the Bennett tradition of activism is the way it has been woven into the entire fabric of the mission of the College. Even the Methodist connection has given a theological basis for seeking social justice. ...Bennett women have always been educated to create change through democracy, and to create justice by doing justice.” Numerous portraits and a full-name index enhance the text.

Juanita Patience Moss

2016, 6x9, paper, 420 pp. 

ISBN: 9780788456947