The Early Settlers of Colrain, Massachusetts


The Early Settlers of Colrain, Massachusetts - Charles H. McClellen. This volume presents an address delivered before H. S. Greenleaf Post, No. 20, Grand Army of the Republic at Colrain on 30 May 1885 providing some account of the early settlement of Boston Township No. 2 (alias Colrain), adjoining on the north side of Deerfield. The author has “touched upon most of the important matters relating to the history of the town, down to nearly the close of the last century.” Discussions include: the Scotch-Irish, the first town meeting, the French and Indian War, highways, schools, churches and religious societies, second division lots, incorporation, the Revolutionary War, Shay’s Rebellion, and families. A full-name index completes this work. (1885, 1986), 2011, 5½x8½, paper, index, 90 pp.

ISBN: 9780917890895