Revolutionary Soldiers and Sailors from Lancaster County, Virginia


Revolutionary Soldiers and Sailors from Lancaster County, Virginia - Stratton Nottingham. The Revolutionary records contained in this volume were compiled from the Court records of Lancaster County, Virginia. The records prior to 1800 have recently been moved to Richmond, and are in the State Archives. Those after 1800 are still in the County Clerk’s Office. The records include the recommendation of the Court of those qualified to serve as officers in the County Militia, a record of their qualifications, certification of the heirs of a deceased soldier or sailor, tracing the descent for three and sometimes four generations, movements of troops, public service claims, &c. The records also include the date of birth and death of many of the soldiers, also a number of marriages for which there are no bonds or other records. This volume also includes the Muster Rolls and Pay Rolls of the Ninety-second Regiment of Virginia Militia, Lancaster County, War of 1812, commanded by Lt. Col. John Chowning, of those entitled to Land Bounty under Act of Congress of 28 September, 1850. (1930, 1995), 2012 5½x8½, paper, index, 78 pp.

ISBN: 9781585493951