The Story of the Great March, from the Diary of a Staff Officer


Written by a brevet major and aide-de-camp to General Sherman; this book should be in every Civil War enthusiast's library. It is especially well written in a very pleasing style, describing the large events of the war as well as the details of daily life in the bivouac. Several nice line drawings illustrate the narrative. The volume is divided into three parts and an appendix. The first part involves the March to the Sea, including: the opening campaign, the pursuit of Hood, the burning of Atlanta, the storming of Fort McAllister, the evacuation of Savannah by the Rebels, and a review of the Georgia Campaign. Highlights of the second part, the Campaign of the Carolinas, include: the movement of troops, the occupation of the Charleston and Augusta Railroad, the occupation of the capital of South Carolina, the marching upon Fayetteville, and the battles of Averysboro and Bentonville. Part three is titled "Surrender and the End." Chapters cover Smithfield; the surrender of Raleigh, North Carolina; the pursuit of Johnston; the end of the war; and "going home." In the appendix can be found: General Sherman's reports on the Georgia Campaign, the Campaign of the Carolinas, operations in North Carolina and the surrender of Johnston's Army, as well as his testimony before the Committee on the War; Major-General Barry's Report of the Campaign of the Carolinas; Report of the Engineer's Department; Extracts from Colonel Poe's Report of Operations in the Campaign of the Carolinas; Quartermaster Reports; and a listing of staff of General Sherman. The index includes names, places and subjects.

George Ward Nichols

ISBN: 9780788404559