The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume 41, 1887


Genealogies: Bloss; Butterworth; Cheever; Crane; Disbrowe; Hill; Lincoln; Littleton; Odlin; Pring; Quiney; Rogers; Savery; Turner; Ward; Ware; Weston. Biographical sketches: John Allen; Samuel G. Clarke; Edward H. Durell; Joseph Haines; Elijah Morse; Ben P. Poore; Charles Short; William Turner. Other records: Church records of Dover, New Hampshire; Essex County Gleanings; York County, Maine, Gleanings; Soldiers in King Philip's War; American graduates in medicine at Edinburgh University to 1809; Captain Thomas Brattle and his men; early flags of New England; lineage of President Lincoln; and much more.

New England Historic Genealogical Society

(1887), reprint, index, illus., 449 pp.

ISBN: 9780788405402