Unicoi County, Tennessee, Death Record Abstracts, 1908-1936


This book continues the series of works Mr. Nikazy has compiled on the vital records of the northeast tip of Tennessee, which includes Carter, Greene, Johnson, Sullivan, Washington and Unicoi Counties. Unicoi County was formed from Carter and Washington Counties in 1875, and “played an early role in the settlement of the frontier. Unicoi County was settled by many prominent families from [neighboring] North Carolina where most families came from nearby Mitchell, Yancey and Marshall Counties. Many persons identified in this volume were direct descendants of early settlers of Tennessee. As the records also show, many people also moved to Unicoi County [for] its county seat, Erwin, was a thriving railroad center and at one time was home of prosperous silk and pottery producing works. This volume contains Tennessee death record abstracts for Unicoi County for the years 1908 through 1936. Death records were first filed for rural Tennessee counties beginning in 1908. Records for the years 1908 through 1912 did not record the names of parents and in 1913 deaths were not recorded. Beginning in 1914, the State imposed more stringent recording requirements and the records included parents’ names, the name of the informant, and place of burial. The [everyname] index contains 9,010 names. Records contained herein were compiled from the original records. Records are presented in order of the numbers on file in the Tennessee State Library and Archives, and include name of the deceased, age (or birth date), date of death and record number, with the addition in later records of parents’ names, place of burial and name of informant.

Eddie M. Nikazy

(1997), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, index, 362 pp.

ISBN: 9780788407475