The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume 56, 1902


Genealogies: Charles Allen; Mabel Harlakenden; Zachary Fitch; Thomas Robinson; William Traske; James Fyfe; George Grave(s); Samuel Blakesley; John Stephens; Michael Bacon. Biographical sketches: Dorothy Stanton; John Wallace. Family records: Decker; Cummings; Payne; Jackson; Farrah; Ballord-Ballard; Livermore; Jennings; Bennett; Edwards; Gorham; Johnson; Bancroft; Patch; Bartlett; Sanford; Cass; Kilham; Williams; Breck; Hathorne-Whistler; Dudley; Robinson; Denison; Woodcock; Wood; Carver; Walker; Kellogg; Mack; Peabody; Pratt; Alden. Memoirs: Edwards Amasa Parks; William Henry Whitmore; Ezra Hoyt Byington; Henry Barnard; John Ward Dean; Edward Ingersoll Brown. Other records: Roll of Ipswich Minute Men, 1775; Diary of John Preston of Danvers, 1744-1760; English Parent Towns; Births Recorded by Rev. Jonathan Townsend, Minister of the First Church of Needham, 1749-1762; Church Records at Stoneham; Notes from Warren, RI, Probate Records; Worcester County Vital Records; Marriages from the Almanac Diary, 1761-1764, of Rev. Samuel Chandler of Gloucester, MA; Records of the First Church of Rockingham, VT; Records from the Church in Bolton, CT; and more.

New England Historic Genealogical Society

(1902), reprint, indices, illus., 418 pp. 

ISBN: 9780788410499