French Roots: Adventures along the New Madrid Fault Line, 1811-1812



"Norris Norman has picked a very difficult subject for his book and has done wonders with it.  There is probably no more obscure part of the history of Arkansas than the period in which this book is situated, namely, the second decade of the nineteenth century. Mr. Norman makes it come alive in a very convincing way.  His main character, a French/Indian mixed-blood or metis, is carefully crafted and is ideally positioned to tell the tale of the New Madrid earthquake, the early White settlers of a newly-American Arkansas, and the daily lives of Indians and Europeans alike..."

-- Hon. Morris S. Arnold, author of Unequal Laws Unto a Savage Race: European Legal Traditions in Arkansas 1686-1836


Norris Norman 

2017, paper, 189 pp.

ISBN: 9781624911132