The History of Ludlow, Massachusetts, 2nd Edition


With Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens, Reminiscences, Genealogies, Farm Histories, and an Account of the Centennial Celebration, June 1, 1874, 2nd Edition

Ludlow is situated in the northeastern corner of the original town of Springfield, Massachusetts. Granby and Belchertown in Hampshire County, bound it to the north; Wilbraham and Springfield to the south; Belchertown to the east; and Chicopee to the west. Part One details the history and development of the town of Ludlow. Chapters discuss: early settlers; Indian names; topography; the town's natural features; the town annals; Governor Hutchinson; town meetings and officers; the Revolutionary War; Shays Rebellion; the War of 1812; the Ludlow militia; the Mexican War; the Civil War; the Soldiers' Monument; cemeteries; town development; early roads and railroads; the Ludlow reservoir; fraternal organizations; church organizations and local churches, such as the Methodist Church, Union Church, St. Andrew's Church, and St. John the Baptist Church and Parish; industrial history and educational interests. Part Two consists of biographies, genealogies and reminiscences of the town. Some of the biographies include: George Alexander Birnie, Edwin Booth, Lemuel Hawley Brigham, Hon. Chester W. Chaplin, Dr. James Wilson Hannum, James Haviland, James Henderson, Captain Henry A. Hubbard, the Miller brothers, Charles Dexter Rood, Solomon Bliss Stebbins as well as many others. The historic reminiscences section has many interesting stories and songs. Some of the families included in the genealogical section are: Alden, Banister, Bartlett, Bennett, Brewer, Browning, Buell, Burr, Carver, Chapin, Clark, Clough, Damon, Day, Ferry, Frost, Fuller, Gove, Harris, Hubbard, Johnson, Jones, King, Lombard, Lyon, Miller, Munger, Nash, Olds, Paine, Putnam, Rice, Rood, Root, Sikes, Streeter, Walker, White, as well as many others. Part Three provides an account of the centennial celebration of June 17, 1874. An index to full names, places and subjects completes this fine work.

Alfred Noon

(1912, 1999), 2010, 5½x8½, paper, indices, 590 pp. 

ISBN: 9780788412158