A Memorial History of Hampstead, New Hampshire Congregational Church 1752-1902, Volume 2 (Two Volumes)


A Memorial History of Hampstead, New Hampshire Congregational Church 1752-1902: With Appendix to Volume 1, Volume 2

Harriette Eliza Noyes

This volume opens with a poem, "The Old Church," then proceeds with a brief local history (1620-1733). The General Court in Boston granted permission to establish a settlement in Pentucket (Haverhill) in 1640. The Haverhill district included Plaistow, Atkinson, and Hampstead (incorporated in 1749). In the winter of 1733 a petition was sent to the church at the North Precinct, from twenty-five families who moved to Timberlane, now Hampstead, and asked permission to hold meeting by themselves in the winter season, in a log house. Establishment of meeting houses for public worship (1733-1902), records including the original church covenant (June 3, 1752), eight pastorates plus lists of pastors and deacons (1752-1902), congregational societies and ?Ladies Societies,? parsonages, baptisms (1752-1903), proceedings of the 150th anniversary of the church, a list of church members (1752-1903), a list (followed by very brief sketches) of persons who owned the covenant (1752-1782), and music are included. Over 400 pages are devoted to 775 brief biographical sketches of church members. An abundance of photographs, an appendix containing additions and corrections to Volume I and an index of full names add to the value of this work.

1903, (1999), paper, 2 volumes, 820 pp.

ISBN: 9780788413124