A History of Knox County, Ohio, from 1779 to 1862 Inclusive


Comprising Biographical Sketches, Anecdotes and Incidents of Men Connected with the County from its First Settlement: Together With Complete Lists Of The Senators, Representatives, Sheriffs, Auditors, Commissioners, Treasurers, Judges, Justices of the Peace, and Other Officers of the County, also of those who have served in a Military Capacity from its First Organization to the Present Time. And also a Sketch of Kenyon College, and Other Institutions of Learning and Religion within the County

“To write the history of my native county, and to rescue from oblivion the anecdotes and early incidents of its first settlers, has been with me a pleasant pastime. …My object is accomplished in putting in this form for preservation much crude material, which I regard as of value to those who may succeed us…” These pages contain an interesting account of the county and state—complete with incidents of frontier life and adventure! Quakers, the judicial system and trials, political officials and elections, legislation, merchant and tavern keepers, the first doctor, early preachers, and much more are touched on. Other accounts include: Masonic institutions, the Owl Creek Bank of Mount Vernon, the press and publications, societies, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and the famous race of Seeley’s bull vs. Tom’s horse! John Stilley (the first citizen of Knox County) and Johnny Appleseed are among the numerous significant figures featured. Townships covered include: Berlin, Brown, Butler, Clay, College, Harrison, Hilliar, Howard, Jackson, Jefferson, Liberty, Middlebury, Milford, Miller, Monroe, Morgan, Morris, Pike, Pleasant, Union, and Wayne. This volume offers a wealth of names (numerous lists), several illustrations and a new full-name index.

A. Banning Norton

(1862, 2003), 2014, 5½x8½, paper, index, 468 pp.

ISBN: 9780788415630