Two Years in Oregon


This work came about as a result of a review in a London newspaper of Mr. Nash’s first book Oregon, There and Back in 1877. In the article, a reporter challenged Nash’s statement that “…it would be interesting to know if I (Mr. Nash), who had been recommending Oregon to others, were prepared to take my own prescription, and emigrate there myself.” In response, he did just that and with a party of 26 of his fellow Englishmen began the journey to a small town in Western Oregon called Corvallis located about 100 miles south of Portland. This narrative is awash with vivid descriptions and packed with so many details on so many different topics relevant to pioneer life in Oregon during the last quarter of the 1800s that this work is a veritable historic goldmine. It includes details on transportation and rates, railways, shipping, lumber, Indians, agriculture, crops and food, the land-office, forest fires, religion, dwellings, wildlife, the role of women, the Legislative Assembly, the judicial system of the state, taxes, average rain fall, temperature, industries, education, the history of Oregon, and so much more. The combination of interesting anecdotes, facts and beautiful illustrations make this work a must for any who take an interest in US history.

Wallis Nash

ISBN: 9780788423079