The Nichols Connection to Ancient and Royal Families, Ancestry A to Z


This book is about the ancestry and descendants of Leo Nichols and Helen Lee Fern Brown. Page by page, ancestor by ancestor, this family history guides the reader back through time, beginning with Leo Nichols, the author's husband. Readers will get to know each ancestor as past generations are revealed. Connections are made to several historical figures of noble and royal blood such as: Charlemagne (742-814), Henry II (1136-1167), King John (1199-1216), Edward II (born 1284), and many others... Numerous charts, pedigrees, illustrations, photographs, and a list of references enhance the text. Information regarding marriages, wills, etc. was gleaned from original documents.

Helen B. Nichols

(2006), 2007, 8½x11, paper, 166 pp.

ISBN: 9780788433641