Irish Pedigrees; or, The Origin and Stem of The Irish Nation [4 volumes]


This two-volume set contains “all the Irish Genealogies and any other interesting matter bearing on ancient Irish history which we have met with in our life-long research.” This set is a must have for historians or anyone researching Irish roots. Volume I (in two parts) is comprised of “the genealogies of the families which branched from that ancient stem; together with the territories possessed by the ancient Irish families in the twelfth century; a Chapter on the ‘English Invasion,’ and another on the ‘Cromwellian Devastation’ of Ireland.” The lineal descent of the Irish royal family; families descended from Heber, Ithe, Ir, and Heremon; the principal families of Munster, Ulster, Meath, Leinster, and Connaught; and many more are covered. Volume II (in two parts) is devoted to families in Ireland from the eleventh to the end of the sixteenth century with the counties in which they were located; Anglo-Irish and other genealogies; and sections on the Huguenots, the Palatines, and the Ulster Plantation. The Hy-Niall Septs of Uster, Meath, and Connaught; the O’Melaghlin family; the Clan Colla; and many more are included. Extensive appendices augment this massive work, and both volumes conclude with a surname index. Volume II also contains a general index.

John O'Hart

(1892, 2001), 2014, 5½x8½, paper, 4 vols., 1906 pp.

ISBN: 9780788419539