Westfall Cemetery, Copley Township, Knox County, Illinois: Cemetery History


Westfall Cemetery, Copley Township, Knox County, Illinois: Cemetery History  - Michael T. Osler. Volume II, Westfall Cemetery History, takes the cemetery list in Volume I and goes much further. It includes 383 obituaries out of the 660 individuals buried there. Where no obituary could be found, census records, service records, birth, death and marriage certificate information, county history abstracts and research notes have been added to enhance and create a complete record. The obituaries are recreated just as they were originally and all discrepancies between headstone, obituary and cemetery records have been noted. The work contains 2,677 names of those interred and their surviving relatives. It is a historical record of how these people lived and died throughout the 164 year history of the cemetery and an essential reference book for Knox County research. Volume II of the Westfall Cemetery is much more than an obituary list. It is a complete genealogical reference book for anyone interested in Knox County, Illinois, the Westfall family or any of its 145 allied lines.

2009, 5½x8½, paper, index, 320 pp.

ISBN: 9780788450044