Selected Final Pension Payment Vouchers 1818-1864: Maryland—Baltimore


Awarded the 2000 Norris Harris Prize by the Maryland Historical Society as the best compilation of genealogical source records pertaining to Maryland. In the 1960s, the National Archives staff culled out selected "settled accounts" that had genealogical value from the pension payments (these are records not found in the pension application files). This volume reflects 758 payments made by the Baltimore pension office to veterans (chiefly of the Revolution but also of the War of 1812 and wars in Florida and Mexico), their widows, or their surviving children. The record abstracts include such information as dates of death, remarriages of widows, identities of survivors, and the places and length of residence.


Alycon Trubey Pierce, CG 

1997, 5½x8½, paper, index, 263 pp.

ISBN: 9781888265255