History of Trigg County, Kentucky


"Trigg County...bears no mean part in the history or the importance of the State, as she bears no inconsiderable part in the history of our common country." Thus begins this thorough account of Trigg County, Kentucky, which covers everything from its topography and geology to its settlement, pioneers, industry, government, crops, growth, development, and of course its people. Lawyer W. H. Perrin has put together a very readable text and has colorfully recorded the history of Trigg County, which he has gleaned from public records, personal documents, and individual interviews. The book's first five chapters focus on the county as a whole, and subsequent chapters are devoted to its individual precincts: Cadiz, Canton, Linton, Cerulean Springs, Wallonia, Caledonia, Montgomery, Roaring Springs, Rock Castle, Bethesda, Laura Furnace, Golden Pond, and Ferguson Springs Precincts. An extensive section at the book's end is a wonderfully detailed collection of biographical sketches of notable county residents and their accomplishments, arranged by precinct.

William Henry Perrin

(1884, 1994), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 324 pp.

ISBN: 9780788400407