More Bastardy Cases in Harford County, Maryland, 1773-1893

More Bastardy Cases in Harford County, Maryland, 1773-1893
Henry C. Peden, Jr

In 2001 the author researched and published his first volume of bastardy cases in Harford County, Maryland, for the period of 1774 to 1844. This second volume covers an additional ninety-two cases, which he found over the past twenty years, for the period of 1773 to 1893.

The author annotated many of the cases with additional research in an attempt to see what happened to the mother, the father and their child, but in many cases nothing further was found and oftentimes they just seem to have disappeared. The goal of this second volume is to help researchers who have been unable to find some of their elusive ancestors in Harford County, perhaps not realizing they may well have been illegitimate.

Most information is transcribed, with annotations in many files from additional research. Information was gleaned from county court records, circuit court minutes books, circuit court criminal dockets, a few newspaper articles and mainly court papers found in the Historical Society of Harford County. A full-name index adds to the value of this work.

ISBN: 9781556131011