District of Columbia Interments (Index to Deaths) January 1, 1855 to July 31, 1874


The purpose of this work is to provide an index to the Interment Register which covers the period January 1, 1855 to July 31, 1874. The Register is not complete, as there are no records for the periods June 27, 1861 to June 3, 1862, and August 1, 1862 to January 1, 1866. The original volume is in a deteriorating condition and is kept by the District of Columbia Department of Health, Vital Records Division. Most pages in the Register are loose, missing pieces around the edges, and are brittle. When this deterioration affects record content it is indicated in the record entry as "[torn]." These death records typically contain the Register page number; name of the deceased; occupation; age in years, months, days, weeks, hours or minutes; race; nativity; date of death; and burial place. In addition to the Register data, the compiler has checked data from outside sources-primarily cemetery records. A list of the numerous public cemeteries and a number of private burial grounds mentioned in the Register, with descriptive details for many of the cemeteries and burial grounds, augments the records.

Wesley E. Pippenger

(1999), 2007, 8½x11, paper, index, 442 pp.

ISBN: 9781585491544