The Tax Man Cometh. Land and Property in Colonial Fauquier County, Virginia: Tax List from the Fauquier County Court Clerk's Loose Papers 1759-1782


This book was written with two purposes in mind. First, to make Fauquier’s hitherto unpublished colonial tithable lists available to the research public; secondly, to provide an explanation for the tax and fiscal laws that brought the tithable lists into being. The tax lists cover the colonial Virginia time period into the Revolutionary War. Designed to meet the needs of researchers--family historians, professional genealogists, historians, African-American family researchers as well as those interested in colonial Virginia history. The book is organized into three parts--includes a historical introduction and transcripts of Fauquier’s nineteen never before published colonial tax lists of 1759-1782. Four different indexes are included: 1759-1778 list, 1759-1778 tithables, slave holders and slaves, 1782 tithables, 1782 slave holders and slaves. Officials mentioned in this work include Thomas Marshall, George Lamkin, John Marshall, Gilson Foote, John Kirk, Armistead Churchill, John Kirk, William Grant, John Moffet, Thomas Keith, William Pickett, William Blackwell, Charles Chilton, John Blackwell, and William Heale. These tax lists were discovered in a 1994 preservation and repair project funded by the Library of Virginia. The Tax and Fiscal records were done by the Justices who took the lists of Tithables from Fauquier’s residents and by the Sheriff and other officials who took the tax and were responsible for their transmission to the colonial capital. The colonial tax lists, those taken before 1782 were loosely termed Tithable Lists--included both property and land. During and after 1782, these lists were divided into two distinct tax lists which included personal property tax lists and land tax lists. 


Joan W. Peters


(1999), 2008, 8½x11, paper, index, 274 pp.

ISBN: 9781585494088