Essex County, Virginia Consolidated Index to Wills and Fiduciary Accounts, etc., 1692-1903


Users may be aware that this compiler has previously published similar data, for a portion of the overall period covered here, in Essex County, Virginia Will Abstracts, 1751–1842 and Estate Records Index, 1751–1799, and Index to Virginia Estates, 1800–1865, Volume 10. Of those years, the difference here is content and format. The original index record replicated here, and used as the initial base of data, is called Index to Wills and Fiduciary Accounts, 1717–1901.

In this work, the base index for 1717–1901 has been expanded to include wills and administrations from county formation in 1692 through 1716, to make a complete run of entries from 1692 to 1903. The compiler has also added the name of a spouse if mentioned in a will, the name of person(s) bonded in a bond, the name of the administrator or executor for an account or sale, and has adjusted dates between January and March before 1753 to allow for the calendar change. Entries are arranged alphabetically by surname and include the following five columns of information: Date of Instrument (date the record was created), Date of Recordation (date the record was recorded), Name (full-name with additional information for some entries), Instrument (type of document), and Bk./Pg. (source code).

Wesley E. Pippenger

2020, 8½x11, paper, alphabetical, 232 pp.

ISBN: 9780788404719