The Crenshaws of Kentucky, 1800-1995


The Crenshaws of Kentucky, 1800-1995: A Genealogy of the Crenshaws in South-central Kentucky, Primarily the Counties of Barren and Metcalfe, Including the Related Families of Allen, Arnett, Beard, Bird, Bradshaw, Dearing, Dickey, Duke, Franklin, Goad, Hord, Jackson, Love, Maupin, Mitchell, Munday, Pace, Parrish, Peden, Rogers, Slemmons, Stockton, Taylor, Twyman, Williams, and More - Henry C. Peden, Jr..

The Crenshaws of Kentucky are descended from thirty-three Crenshaws (and possibly more) who migrated from Virginia to Kentucky between 1782 and 1820, or in some instances were born in Kentucky during the early part of the nineteenth century. Of these, only the family histories of John Crenshaw and Benjamin Crenshaw, of Barren County, Kentucky, will be covered in detail in this book. The names of all thirty-three Crenshaws are listed and given brief attention in the introduction. The introduction also includes “Our Line of Crenshaws in Virginia” and “A Triple Connection Between the Crenshaws and the Pedens.”Chapters include: Descendants of John Crenshaw, Descendants of Benjamin Crenshaw, African-American Crenshaws, Unidentified Crenshaws, and Pearl Crenshaw Peden’s Scrapbook. A full-name index adds to the value of this work.

(1995), 2016, 8½x11, paper, index, 208 pp.

ISBN: 9781585495146