Essex County, Virginia General Index to Deeds No. 2, 1867-1904, Deed Books 52 to 61


The purpose of this work is to present a single alphabetical index based on the General Index to Deeds No. 2, 1867-1904, that was created in the style known as a Campbell Index. The purpose here is to resequence and validate the index. What typically results from a Campbell Index is a jumble that requires users to flip back and forth between groups of pages throughout the entire index to seek out where various groups are continued elsewhere.

This present index is largely made up of entries to deeds, being either: bargain and sales, bills of sale, or trust deeds. Of additional interest may be: bonds for officials (including ministers), marriage contracts, estate divisions, plats, or even Homestead deeds. No bonds are recorded in the deed books after 1892 (Deed Book 56). The index also reflects entries in a book titled Deeds of Release No. 1, which contains only thirty-nine pages of written information

Some deficiencies in the original index have been addressed here. As a result, hundreds of additional index entries were added by the compiler over the original courthouse index. References to plats that did not appear in the original index have been added.

Wesley Pippenger

2022, 8½x11, paper, alphabetical, 252 pp.

ISBN: 9781556137334