Records of the Almshouse of Prince George's County, Maryland


Inmates of the Almshouse encompassed ethnic, religious, financial and medical cross sections of Prince Georgeans. Residents were white, African American, young, old, infirm, disabled by loss of limb, sight or hearing. This volume contains transcriptions of the Almshouse records that currently exist and include: Commitment Journal, 1927-1942; Commitment Papers, 1890- 1940; Burial Permits, 1909-1940; Trustees Records, 1866-1884; Pensioners, 1866-1917; Census Excerpts, 1850-1920; Almshouse Cemetery; Keepers, Overseers, and Superintendents of the Almshouse; Hospitals mentioned in the records; Sheriffs of Prince George's County, 1809-1950; Undertakers - Funeral Directors; and an index. A valuable resource for genealogists and historians.

Prince George's County Genealogical Society

(2003), 2013, 8½x11, paper, index, 164 pp.

ISBN: 9781585498833