Records of the Colony of New Plymouth in New England, Volume IX: Acts of the Commissioners of the United Colonies of New England, 1643-1651


Continuing the body of work begun by Nathaniel Shurtleff, David Pulsifer presents the ninth volume in this series of vital historical records for the colony of New Plymouth. The documents contained herein were transcribed from handwritten originals, only a few folios of which survived the fire that consumed the Boston Court House in December 1747. What remains of these records constitutes an invaluable resource for historians, illustrating the workings of colonial government in remarkable detail. The text is divided into four major sections - "Agreement Respecting the Bounds Betwixt Plymouth and Massachusetts," "Articles of Confederation," "Acts of the Commissioners," and "Petition of Humphrey Johnson, and Answer of the Court Thereto" - with a general index of names, subjects and localities. The majority of the text is concerned with the resolution of land disputes between the neighboring colonies, and the maintenance of royal authority in the region. Relations with neighboring Indian tribes and treaties are also discussed at length as well as the more mundane procedures of the colonial government, such as appointments of commissioners, organization and dissolution of committees, proceedings of the courts, transcriptions of speeches, and acquisition of resources for the colonies.

David Pulsifer

(1859), 2016, 5½x8½, paper, indices, 258 pp.

ISBN: 9780788410512