The Pease Record


The Pease Record - Rev. David Pease and Austin Spencer Pease. An essential genealogical reference on the Pease family of New England, comprising Rev. David Pease's A Genealogical and Historical Record of the Descendants of John Pease, Sen., and Austin S. Pease's The Early History of the Pease Family in America. A Genealogical and Historical Record of the Descendants of John Pease, Sen. explores the male lineage of John Pease, Sen.(born c1630), son of English immigrants Robert and Margaret Pease, through seven generations in the United States. This genealogy records a total of 3,124 persons, noting vital statistics, offspring, place of birth, residence, and death, occupation and military service wherever known. An Addendum presents supplemental information and corrections to the genealogical entries and two indices are included. The first allows the reader to cross-reference given names, dates of birth and marginal citations; the second is an index of buried surnames. The Appendix, prepared by Austin S. Pease, clarifies a number of discrepancies in cataloging dates relating to the change from the Julian to Gregorian calendar, reprints the probate records of the estate of Robert Pease, Sen., provides a historical sketch of the town of Enfield, CT, and anecdotal information concerning several Pease ancestors and the Indians of New England. Portraits are liberally distributed throughout the text. The Early History of the Pease Family in America provides a more detailed historical sketch of the Pease family and its role in the settlement of the region but is primarily a genealogical work. Chapters include: "Origin of the Pease Family"; "Boston Peases"; "John Pease of Salem Village"; "Origin of the Salem and Enfield Peases"; "Family of 'Latter' Robert Pease of Enfield, CT"; "New Jersey Pease"; "Martha's Vineyard Peases"; "Ludlow [MA] Peases"; "New Hampshire Peases"; "Captain Samuel Pease"; "Washington Co. [PA] Peases" and "Miscellaneous Families." The text contains three indices listing given names, buried surnames, and persons not within the family mentioned in the text. (1869, 2000), 2011, 5½x8½, paper, indices, 550 pp.

ISBN: 9780788413001