Records of Massachusetts Volunteer Militia


Called Out by the Governor of Massachusetts Called out by the Governor of Massachusetts to suppress a Threatened Invasion during the War of 1812-1814

Militia rolls are especially important to genealogical and historical researchers studying the first two centuries of American history because during that era nearly every able-bodied man served in his local militia unit at some time during his life, while relatively few served in the regular Army or Navy. Following a brief historical narrative outlining the role of Maine and Massachusetts in the War of 1812, this volume records militia rolls for units called into service by the Governor of Massachusetts to suppress the threatened invasion by the British. The first 141 pages list units raised in Massachusetts proper, while the following 167 pages record units raised in Maine which was then still governed by Massachusetts. Each roll specifies company and regiment, the place where raised, the dates and places of service, the purpose of service, and the name and rank of the men in the unit. This volume concludes with a 132-page fullname index to all men enumerated in the rolls, and a brief index of their home stations. "This volume has been designated the 'Massachusetts Volunteer Militia in the War of 1812.' This was done in error, because by law the active militia of Massachusetts at the present day is so designated. During the War of 1812-14 the militia was simply called 'Massachusetts Militia,' and it should have been so termed in this volume."

Brig. Gen. Gardner W. Pearson, Adjutant General of Massachusetts

(1913), reprint, paper, indices, 448 pp.

ISBN: 9780788413261