Pioneer Citizens' History of Atlanta, 1833-1902


Pioneer Citizens' History of Atlanta, 1833-1902.

The Pioneer Citizens' Society of Atlanta.

This survey of the settlement and rise to prominence of the city of Atlanta takes the reader from the arrival of Hardy Ivy (Atlanta's first white settler) in 1833 up to the Reconstruction period, providing colorful anecdotes and abundant genealogical data about Atlanta's early residents throughout. The historical section describes the transition of the town from the embryonic settlement at Terminus through the establishment of Marthasburg and the development of antebellum Atlanta, as experienced by the city's first families. Manufacturers, educators, clergymen, newspapermen, railroad companies, politicians, benevolent societies and the Pioneer Citizens' Society are all given their place in the rich tapestry of Atlanta's history. The 155 page biographical section is replete with Civil War veterans and is augmented by extensive lists, including: "Physicians Who Lived In Atlanta Before The War," "Members of the Pioneer Citizens' Society, 1902," "Fire Companies," "Secret Societies,"

"Atlanta Bench & Bar," and more. The text is further enhanced by portraits, a reprint of the charter of the Pioneer Citizens' Society and a new index of full names.

ISBN: 9780788416163