Phillips Genealogies; including the family of George Phillips


Phillips Genealogies; including the family of George Phillips, first minister of Watertown, Massachusetts, through most of the traceable branches from 1630 to the present generation - Albert M. Phillips. The name Phillips, in its variety of spellings, is derived from the Greek, Philos-hippos, or horse lover. "In Wales and other parts of Great Britain, its use as a surname has continued for a long period, evidently for five hundred years, and perhaps much longer." Phillips, Philips, Phillipse, and Philpps are among the recognized spellings. "Families and individuals of this name began to emigrate from the Old World at a very early date in the history of this country, as early as 1630. ...more especially in New England." Upwards of three thousand names are contained within this volume. Genealogical entries are arranged by families and sub-families rather than by generations. Families from: Watertown with its Andover, Boston, Brookhaven, Marblehead, Salem, and Oxford branches; Southboro; Duxbury with its East Bridgewater branch; Easton; Ipswich; Damariscotta (Maine); Kittery (Maine); and Rhode Island are included. Fragmentary records are listed separately at the close of the book. Several portraits are included. Index I lists the Christian names of Phillipses, and Index II is a full-name index of names other than Phillips. (1885, 2000), 2010, 5½x8½, paper, indices, 260 pp.

ISBN: 9780788416385