History of Pelham, Massachusetts, from 1738 to 1898, including the early History of Prescott


This work is profusely illustrated and written in an elegant prose style that makes it a joy to read. Early settlement; the establishment of schools; the effects on Pelham of the French and Indian Wars, the Revolutionary War, the Rebellion of 1861-5 and Shays Rebellion; a sketch of Capt. Daniel Shays; church history, notable men and much more are discussed. Chapters include: Settlement of Pelham; Proprietors’ Records, 1738 to 1743; The Communion Token; Incorporation of the Town of Pelham—Town Meeting Records, 1743 to 1897; Schools from 1744 to 1897; Mills, Manufacturies, Etc.; Religious Societies; Rev. Robert Abercrombie and the Church at Pelham; Stephen Burroughs, the Supplier; Pelham in the Wars; The Shays Rebellion of 1786-87; Captain Daniel Shays; Settlement of Salem, N.Y., by Pelham People in 1764; Professional and Business Men, Natives of Pelham; John Savage and John Stinson; Concerning the Women of Pelham; Mount Lincoln; Old Burial Places; Taverns and Landlords; Old Advertisements, Etc.; Stories—Pleasant and Otherwise; Sketch of Henry Pelham, 1696–1754; Representatives to the General Court; and Town Officers. A remarkable amount of names of early residents can be found among the lists of businessmen, farmers, innkeepers, laborers, soldiers and town officers. A biographical sketch of Henry Pelham rounds out this exhaustive work.


C.O. Parmenter 

(1898, 2001), 2011, 5½x8½, paper, index, 626 pp .

ISBN: 9780788418457