The Probate Records of Lincoln County, Maine 1760 to 1800


The Probate Records of Lincoln County, Maine 1760 to 1800 - William D. Patterson. This book contains full copies of the wills filed in the probate court for Lincoln County from 1760 to 1800, and brief abstracts of the records of the proceedings of that court during the same period. The introduction, written by Rufus K. Sewall, Esq., illustrates, in brief form, a comprehensive sketch of the early history of English common law, and the principles and practice of these proceedings in Maine at this time. These records suggest pictures of the economic and social life of this section of Maine during the last half of the 1700s. In them will be found evidence of the religious beliefs of the inhabitants of this anciently settled county, testimony of their patriotism, traces of love, hate, family feuds and strife, their standard of comparative wealth and station, and their customs and modes of life. The scope and the arrangement of this volume will lend itself nicely to students of genealogy. The abstracts from the records of proceedings relating to the estates are given in order, and contain mention of every act of the court and of the representatives of the estates found of record. For each entry there are references to the volumes and folios where related information has been recorded, thus forming in connection with the full-name index, an index to the first eight volumes of the probate records of Lincoln County.

(1895, 2001), 2011, 5½x8½, paper, indices, 458 pp.

ISBN: 9780788419546