Physicians Directory, 1774-1924, Harford County, Maryland

Physicians Directory, 1774–1924, Harford County, Maryland
Henry C. Peden, Jr.

This book is comprised of about 500 biographies of physicians and surgeons in Harford County from 1774 to 1924, its first 150 years. It also includes veterinarians, but not dentists, druggists, opticians, and chiropractors, unless the physicians also provided those services. It focuses on men and women who were medical doctors skilled in the art and science of healing the sick and injured. Back in the olden days, before women doctors, they were known as “men of physic,” hence the name physician.

An attempt to compile this information was made in 1886 by Dr. George Washington Archer (1824–1907), a local historian who was a member of the Harford Medical Society. He was appointed by that society to prepare biographical sketches of deceased physicians of Harford County to be preserved by the Harford Historical Society. Dr. Archer inspired this work, which preserves the memory and achievements of these men and women medical doctors of yesteryear.

This book contains documented information that is cited after each sketch. While some of the physicians the author found in the early days of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries left meager information, the vast majority herein are quite detailed. The physicians have been alphabetically arranged, thus precluding the necessity for a separate index. The criteria for inclusion was the physician was either born in Harford County and practiced here and/or elsewhere, or was born elsewhere and practiced in Harford County.

2023, 5½x8½, paper, alphabetical, 230 pp.
ISBN: 9780788420009