Windham County, Connecticut, County Court Records, 1732-1736, Abstracts of Volume 2, Connecticut State Library Archives


Looking for lost ancestors in Windham County, Connecticut? Puzzled because land records seem to be missing? Could be they’re noted in one of the over 1600 lawsuits, petitions, and appointments abstracted from these early court records. This work offers glimpses of never before published ledgers from a rather obscure source – an excellent resource for the pre-census era. Names of thousands of early Windham County residents are noted along with litigants from other Connecticut counties, neighboring states, and from as far away as London, England. The residences of plaintiffs, defendants and petitioners are noted along with their occupations (if known) and even familial relationships in some instances. Cases include complaints of debts, issuing of tavern and tanning licenses, property attachments, thefts, trespassing, assault, fornication, and highway petitions, just to name a few. The index includes every person’s name, including witnesses and court officials, every location mentioned, types of suits, occupations, and other noteworthy subjects. This is an excellent resource tool for those who are unable to visit the archives, and a shortcut to poring over old, under-indexed volumes with faded script.

Marcella Houle Pasay

2002, 5½x8½, paper, index, 238 pp.

ISBN: 9780788422416