Notes Genealogical, Biographical and Bibliographical of the Prime Family


This book of genealogy notes covers the descendants of James Prime who left England to settle in the colony of Milford, Connecticut, in 1644 and continues the lineage until 1887. There is a prelude which covers the history of the Puritan Exodus and a general history of New Haven prior to the settlement of the Milford Colony, followed by a section of biographical sketches of family members. This book contains births, marriages and deaths for several generations of the Prime family which include Rev. Ebenezer Prime, Benjamin Y. Prime, M.D., Rev. Nathaniel S. Prime, D.D., Mrs. Maria M. Cumings, Alanson J. Prime, Rev. S. Irenaeus Prime, D.D., Rev. Edward D. G. Prime, D.D., Mrs. Cornelia P. Stevenson, G. Wendell Prime, William C. Prime, L.L.D., and, James B. and John P. Jermain.

The epilogue describes the author’s objective, which was to preserve a complete bibliographical record of the family to which it is devoted.

E. D. G. Prime

(1888), 2020, 5½x8½, paper, 120 pp.

ISBN: 9780788426797