Ministers Directory, 1774-1924, Harford County, Maryland


Harford County was created from Baltimore County in 1773 with the new county government effective in March 1774. This book contains approximately 1,200 biographical sketches of ministers in Harford County from 1774 to 1924, and some of them served earlier before the two counties were separated.

Each minister has been minimally identified by name, religious denomination, name of church and/or circuit in Harford County, and dates of service. Most sketches, however, are more detailed based on availability of biographical data. They include full names, dates of birth, marriage and death, parents, spouses, children, places of origin, residence and burial, churches served inside and outside of Maryland, schools, colleges and theological seminaries, church offices, public offices, civic activities, military service, and other lifetime accomplishments.

Ministers herein are arranged alphabetically by surname and the sources for the biographical information are cited in the Bibliography section, including local histories, church histories, parish registers, family histories, newspapers, obituaries, marriage records, death records, and census records. Many errors and omissions from other published sources, as well as information posted on the Internet, have been corrected, notably for African Americans and recognized Quaker preachers.

Henry C. Peden, Jr. 

2024, 5½x8½, paper, alphabetical, 318 pp
ISBN: 9780788427688