Roll of New Hampshire Men at Louisburg, Cape Breton, 1745


The one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the capture of Louisburg was celebrated on June 17, 1895 at Louisburg, Cape Breton and the government of New Hampshire authorized the printing of a report of the event written by its representative, George C. Gilmore, Special Commissioner. This report included the names of the soldiers and sailors from New Hampshire who served at the capture of Louisburg and all of the historical facts connected to the event. This book is the result of the "Joint Resolution to Authorize the Governor and Council to Appoint a Person or Persons to Represent the State of New Hampshire at the Proposed Celebration at Louisburg" which was passed March 28, 1895. Gilmore's task was especially challenging as the original muster rolls were sent to England and not returned. His report states that: "The number of men from New Hampshire in the expedition when it sailed for Louisburg was 502. Recruits, 120 at least, and probably more. Have found the names of 496 men, leaving 126 unaccounted for. The residences of the men, as given, are the writer's."

Edward Pearson

(1896), 2018, 5½x8½, paper, 72 pp

ISBN: 9780788430398