The Descendants of Philip Pendleton, A Virginia Colonist


This book contains the most complete genealogy of the Pendleton family to date. It includes all known descendants (with the Pendleton surname) of Philip Pendleton, the immigrant, and his wife, Elizabeth Hurt, whose descendents now number in the tens of thousands and are scattered throughout the United States. The family is considered from its known beginnings around 1500 in Manchester, England, through about 1920. The origin of the Pendleton name as well as historical perspectives that link thirteen generations of the bearers of this surname to their place and time are provided. Included are maps that show where Philip Pendleton (who came to Virginia from Norwich, England, in 1674) resided, as well as the home counties of the generations that followed. There is a wealth of vital and biographical information on thirteen generations of this Pendleton family and a complete full name index, with over 6,000 entries, that will allow the reader to easily trace a particular branch.

David Ellis Pendleton

2007, 8½x11, paper, index, 520 pp.

ISBN: 9780788444579