The Pilgrims Got It Right


The Pilgrims Got It Right.  John M. Pafford. 2017.

The Pilgrims were a people of devout Christian faith, integrity, hard work and courage, who set an admirable example for future generations. They established four principles “which never will lose their relevance.” These principles include: a Christian societal foundation with freedom within that context; an effective representative government protecting order, justice, and freedom; capable armed forces prepared to defend their way of life; and, a private enterprise economy where entrepreneurship and a strong work ethic are valued. The focus of this work is on the development and working of these principles during the years of William Bradford’s life and leadership in Plymouth, 1620–1657. Chapters include: Before Plymouth, The New Colony, Christian Foundation, Government, Military Organization and Operations, The New England Confederation, The Economy, Education, The Bradford Legacy, Early Records, The Last Act, Evaluation, and Plymouth Today. A map of the Plymouth Colony (1620–1691), a bibliography, and a full-name index add to the value of this work.

ISBN: 9780788457586