Essex County, Virginia Deed Abstracts, 1786-1805, Deed Books 33 to 36


The purpose of this work is not to reproduce the record but to extract the content so that researchers may determine if the actual recorded copy needs to be consulted elsewhere. Entries here give the page numbers from the original record, date of the instrument and recording, signatories (both parties and witnesses), type of record, and a brief abstract to show the purpose of the original writing.

Few deeds give actual metes and bounds, but rather give adjacencies as landmarks or reference to the properties of other owners. Many deeds give acreage as an estimate in round numbers, like "100 acres more or less." Spelling of known parties varies significantly, even within the same record. Commissions where a wife was examined to relinquish her rights are not always filed with the record to which they pertain. Individual items such as animals, kitchen or household furniture, or other personal items are indexed as personal property.

Of particular interest in the deed books for this period are the multiple lists of taxes collected and election or poll lists. These may be useful to researchers as a type of early enumeration or census for a particular district within Essex County. This collection is filled with references to apprentices, bonds for public position, guardians, emancipation of slaves, powers of attorney, and deeds, gifts, mortgages, agreements, and polls. An index to full-names, places and subjects adds to the value of this work.

Wesley E. Pippenger

2018, 8½x11, paper, index, 336 pp

ISBN: 9780788458286