Genealogical Writings of Stephen Ray Preston Brackett


This book was written by Stephen Brackett before his untimely death in 1993, and contains lengthy genealogies of several branches of the Preston family, including English Prestons, Phillip, Revolutionary Moses, Nathan, Moses Coby, Arthur, and Stephen, as well as lengthy genealogies of the Brown and Davis families. There is more information on the Brown and Davis families than I have seen in any other source. It also contains abbreviated genealogies of the Auxier, Burgess, Chapman, Ellyson, Gerrard, Harman, Hays, Maxwell, Peery, Stafford, Vaughan and Wellman families, as well as connections to Arthur, Fannin, Childers, Cox, Boyd, Borders, Daniel, Miller, Pelfrey, Price, Webb, Vanhoose and other families.

These brief genealogies illustrate how those families are related to the major families contained in the book. In addition, Stephen wrote a detailed genealogy of the Brackett family, which is also included. The book contains thirty-nine photographs of deceased family members and is comprehensively indexed. I have edited some portions of the genealogies to bring them current, and several family members have contributed material.

Stephen Ray Preston Brackett

2017, cloth, 430 pp.

ISBN: 9781941272299